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Problems we’ve Solved

Improve ROI

Each tactic must increase your turn over with a maximum efficiency. It’s simple, every EURO have to contribute to sales. Stratenet ensure to put the right EURO into the right action.

Conquer new Markets

Stratenet helps you to develop your business aboard and adapt your e-marketing tactics to your reach and convert your prospective customers into customers.

Shorten the Sales cycle

Thanks to our analysis, we can reduce the sale cycle and at the same time we decrease the number of lost customers. Start to optimize your sales funnel and stop to lose customers now!

Shorten the decision cycle

Shorten the decision cycle by offering fewer choices and focusing on one aspect of your business is the best way to increase your sales and at the same time your ROI.

Sales Force Optimization

Get more information about your prospective customers and develop a real CRM system thanks to your website and our emarketing strategy feedback.

Integrate On & Offline Marketing

Today, on-line and off-line strategies can’t be considered apart. They have to be integrated together and to support each other. At Stratenet, we can setup strategies offer best of the two worlds.

Encourage Shoppers to Buy

If you want to sell more, you’ve to know what it works. Thanks to Stratenet, stay in touch about the latest good practices and transform your website in a real conversion machine.

Acquisition of new customers

Customer acquisition varies according to business specifications. But beyond that, the main challenge is to acquire more customers at less cost. It’s what Stratenet does.

Maximise Visibility

Be considered by your prospective customers when buying is good but be in the “Top of Mind” of your customers is better! At Stratenet, it’s what we do and we do it well!

Brand Awareness Maximisation

Make sure a brand is correctly associated to a product is probably the most important phase of a product’s introduction. With Stratenet you are certain to match it!

Reduce acquisition cost

Increase effectiveness of the acquisition channels is important if you want to perform your ROI. Don’t wait and save money now.

Reduce cost per click, Sale, Lead

Sell more for less that’s your aim and it’s ours too! Maximized your ROI and spend less money for your sales allow you to allocate money saving to other emarketing tactics.

Increase Conversion Rates

Actionable conversion advice based on scientific research and in-depth industry knowledge that’s what Stratenet provides you! Stop to experiment and install what it works now!

Engage With Clients or Prospects

Engage dialogue with your customers and prospects and sell them more. Social Medias and content marketing will help you to build a long term relation with theme.

Maintain Loyalty

Thanks to Social Medias and emailing keep your customers in touch and sell them more. Ask more to your customers and increase your sales during their Customer Life Cycle.


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